Wednesday, February 07, 2018

List Of Unofficial Holidays

These are holidays that are not traditionally marked on calendars. These holidays are celebrated by various groups and individuals. Some are designed to promote a cause, others recognize historical events not recognized officially, and others are "funny" holidays, generally intended as humorous distractions and excuses to share laughs among friends.

List Of Unofficial Holidays below:
  • April Fools' Day (1 April)
  • Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day (Day after Thanksgiving in the United States)
  • Bloomsday (16 June based on James Joyce's novel Ulysses)
  • Chrismukkah (25? December)
  • Christmas Eve (24 December)
  • Festivus (23 December)
  • First Contact Day (5 April) (Day Vulcans establish first contact with humanity)
  • Friday the 13th
  • Friendship Day (First Sunday in August)
  • Galactic Tick Day (Every 633.7 days, starting October 2, 1608)
  • GIS Day (Wednesday during Geography Awareness Week in November)
  • Giving Tuesday (Tuesday following Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States)
  • International Cannabis Day/Four Twenty (20 April) (Counterculture holiday for promotion of marijuana)
  • International Inflation Day (18 August)
  • International Talk Like A Pirate Day (19 September)
  • Lost Penny Day (9 May)
  • Marathon Monday (Local name in Boston for Patriot's Day)
  • Mischief Night (30 October)
  • Mole Day (23 October)
  • Monkey Day (14 December)
  • National Cancer Survivors Day (First Sunday in June)
  • National Gorilla Suit Day (31 January)
  • National Hug Day (21 January)
  • No Pants Day (First Friday of May)
  • Opposite Day (25 January) (Day where you do everything opposite)
  • Pi Approximation Day (22 July) or Pi Day (14 March)
  • Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day (29 May)
  • Record Store Day (Third Saturday of April)
  • Robert Burns Day/Burns Night (25 January)
  • S.A.D. – (Singles Awareness Day) (14 February)
  • Star Wars Day (4 May) "May the Fourth be with you"
  • Super Bowl Sunday (Day of the National Football League championship)
  • Sweetest Day (Third Saturday in October)
  • Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day (27 July)
  • Tax Freedom Day
  • Towel Day (25 May) (Tribute to the late Douglas Adams)
  • Women Gamers Day (18 June) (Day for girls who enjoy video games)

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