Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 11, 2006

Hi Everyone, It's getting harder and harder for me to keep up all my links on my website..... all my emails and all the updates on all the pages that have to be made. Just having the time to write in my blog is quite a chore in itself. hahaha! I'm really glad to have the day off from my day job today so I could work on it. Making Money With the Internet Well it looks like CommandBravo is getting a lot of attention here lately. They seem to be talked about in a lot of locations on the Internet. In a good way that is. I checked out Jakes #26 Newscast and it was a good one. I guess his wife is going to be a regular visitor in it now. I also checked out Todds newscast today as well. It was his 1st one and it was good too. He had 2 spooky skull heads on each side of his desk as his .... mascots I guess. I also watched SSM Newscast #1. Mannnnnn I think were racking up on people doing newscasts now. Hey! Sounds good to me! I really like watching them myself. I haven't had time to listen to Freds podcast lately. I will try and work that in sometime tomorrow. He is such a pro at it I just love to hear him. If you want the links to them just go to my Surfing News and Updates page where I've listed them. It seems is another surf site that's getting a lot of attention too. I see that DailyROI is no longer a single program. Its now going to be referred to as the xROI. They have hyiproi, monthlyroi and roixtreme is the latest. I see that 15hitsdaily is still saying vote vote vote!! LOL! They put that in most of their emails. And lets see..... last but not least, I have not been paid by dadndaves or alientrust as of yet. Catsville Batman the cat has got in the habbit of biteing butt. Not the other 6 cats butt but, but my butt!!!! Dang that was a lot of but words wasn't it. I had to re-read it to make sure I put the right amount of them in the sentence. lol. Anyway, my Batman wants attention all the time and when he does he bites. The weird thing is that he doesn't bite your ankle, leg or arm like the other cats do. He bites your butt. If your sitting down in a chair he will go to any length to wiggle between you until he can touch your butt with his teeth and then he bits it. Ouch! He then looks up at you really fast and give a quick meow every single time. On the Home Front Stephen flew back home from his business meeting in Atlanta. He said he had a great time. It has cooled off a lot outside but it's still not cool enough to turn off the air conditioner. The nights are nice but the days are still very hot. I'm looking forward to Halloween and Im dragging out the decorations tomorrow. New page on website I've added a few new pages to the website. Here they are if your interested. healingchickennoodlesoup - pumpkin recipes - candlecolormeanings. That's it for now friends. Its after midnight and it's time to get some sleep. Take Care Everyone. Pam

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