Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Strawberry Picking Day

It's May and those of us in the Deep South know that May means Spring and Spring means fresh strawberries and fresh strawberries mean it's time for some strawberry picking!

In the United States strawberries typically peak during the month of May in the South and usually in the month of June in the North. Crops will get ready at various times depending on what part of the state your from.

Now for strawberry picking tips:
When you pick strawberries you need to look for the plump ones, look for the firm ones, and last but not least you need to look for the veryyy red ones. Usually the smaller berries are the most flavorful it seems.

When your strawberry picking, be very careful with each berry because they bruise very easily. Never toss your strawberry into the basket and never fill your basket more than 4 inches deep. If you pile the berries up you will have a mess to clean up and your strawberries will spoil very fast.

Don't wash the berries until your ready to use them. Washing them makes them more prone to spoiling.

We Love Strawberries at our house!
I think one of my favorite strawberry things to eat is Strawberry Shortcake. I think everyone has had this dessert at least once in their life and Strawberry Shortcake seems to be the traditional dessert for the 4th of July Holiday too.

We had strawberry shortcake just a couple of nights ago. I served the strawberries on top of a coconut pound cake with whipped cream on top. The berries were veryyyy cold and it was fantastic eating! To make it a bit more devilish I added a layer of creamy cheesecake spooned between the pound cake and the strawberries.

When is National Strawberry Month?
The month of May is always National Strawberry Month.

Are there other Strawberry Holidays to celebrate? Yes!
National Strawberry Cream Pie Day (September 28)
National Strawberry Ice Cream Day (January 15)
National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day (June 9)
National Strawberries & Cream Day (May 21)
National Strawberry Shortcake Day (June 14)

National Strawberry Parfait Day (June 25)
National Strawberry Sundae Day (July 7)
National Strawberry Day (February 27)
Pick Strawberries Day (May 20)
National Food Holiday Directory


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