Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Peach Cobbler Day!

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Oh my gosh! This is one dessert that I can sit down with and be in hog heaven. Especially if the cobbler is hot with ice cream on top. I was raised on peach cobbler and there's nothing that beats it in my book. My Nana could bake the best peach cobbler that I ever put in my mouth too. Do you guys like your peach cobbler on the dry side or do you like it on the ooie and gooie side? I love it wet and gooie with lots of custard dough. Do you guys like it with cinnamon or without? I like cinnamon but I don't like it on peach cobbler so I have to vote "without." Here's a link to some peachie recipes. Happy Peach Cobbler Day to all! Pam~

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Anonymous said...

I like it wet on the inside and dry on the top. I don't like it made with cinnamon and I dont like it made with white sugar. Brown sugar is best. I think your blog is great. Mel-


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