Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cherry Pie Day

Mini Cherry Cutie Pies Originally uploaded by Bakerella
Happy National Cherry Pie Day everyone! Yes February 20th (National Cherry Pie Day) is finally here and I already have my grocery list made up to make a cherry pie. When I was young I didn't really go for cherry pie that much but now that I'm much older my tastes have changed quite a bit. I love baked cherry pie now. Mini Cherry Cutie Pies I was flipping through and found this fantastic photo of little mini cherry pies uploaded by Bakerella and just had to share the photo with everyone. I love these little mini versions and I like to make these and mini pecan pie like this too. You know mini pecan pies are really popular at Christmas. These sweet little cherry treats would be just perfect for Valentines Day as well. Ok everyone.... get ta baking those yummie cherry pies today and let us all know how it turned out. If you need a cherry pie recipe here a link to our page to look a few over. Cherry Pie Recipes


Anonymous said...

My name is actually Cherry and I have a lot of fun of cherry pie day in all the chat rooms. I really like cherry pie and eat it all the time. I don't like it hot I like to eat it cold with something hot to drink like hot chocolate. I love your website.

audrey lefour said...

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