Wednesday, June 03, 2009

National Rocky Road Day

rocky road
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Today we are not only celebrating National Tailors Day but we are celebrating National Rocky Road Day too! I found out that Rocky Road is a dessert that is enjoyed all over the world. In the United States we like to eat it with milk chocolate, walnuts or almonds and marshmallow. In the UK they like to add cherries & raisins. In Australia they like to add jelly, coconut, glace cherries & they seem to like peanuts over any other type of nuts. Sounds like some good eats to me, no matter which way it's made.

In reading blogs over the Internet (at Christmas time), I noticed that Rocky Road Candy is a favorite Christmas Candy for many. I know I usually get a gift bag of rocky road candy from at least one person each Christmas myself. Rocky Road is not only candy though. There's rocky road fudge, rocky road brownies & rocky road ice cream too.

So.... today's the day we're supposed to make- eat- and share anything rocky road style! :) "Live Everyday like a Holiday"

What's your favorite way to eat rocky road?

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Anonymous said...

We always have rocky road candy at Christmas and Halloween. My family loves it and its the easiest thing to make. For Halloween we use brown and orange chocolate. For Christmas we use white chocolate. I've never put coconut in it before but I'm going to try adding coconut this next Christmas. The cherry idea is not to bad either.


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