Monday, June 08, 2009

World Ocean Day

June 8,2009
What a beautiful morning it is and a wonderful day to celebrate World Ocean Day!

The hubby had to go to work around 4:30 this morning so I pulled myself out of the bed and put on a pot of coffee. It's really hot here in Florida and it's really hard to drink coffee on hot days but when it's early in the morning it's a lot cooler outside and more pleasant for drinking something hot.

I started out like I always do; by going outside with coffee in hand. It was still dark outside but the smell of the cool salty ocean was filling the air. (A bit on the fishy smell) You see I live not to very far from the ocean and in walking distance to the bay. Early in the morning, you can sometimes hear the boats running down the bay or one of the ship horns- I lovvvvvveee to hear that sound. I am so very grateful for World Ocean Day and would like to pass on this great holiday. It's a holiday that's meant to bring awareness to everything ocean related. Everything from sea life to seafood!

World Ocean Day is always in June and I think this holiday is a favorite of mine because- not only do I love the ocean and it's creatures but me and the hubby got married barefoot, on the beach, with the waves sloshing on shore right behind us. We also picked the month of June. So, we are happy to celebrate World Ocean Day!

National Automotive Service Professionals Week begins (June 8-14) 2009
Well well well, we are celebrating this holiday whether we want to or not! Yep we have had a heck of a time with our truck and we are celebrating this holiday with a bang! New tires on the truck, wheel balance, oil change on both vehicles and a new battery to boot! Just our luck but the service engine light came on both vehicles at the same time! Geesh! It's a good thing though because we found we had bad tires that had to be replaced pronto :( So we have to say we're celebrated this holiday in a way we wish we didn't have to, by spending way to much money on repairs. But hey, thank goodiness for Automotive Service Professionals! Thank you, thank you!

Other Holidays to celebrate today are:
Upsy Daisy Day
World Brain Tumor Day
Germanic Neopaganism: Lindisfare Day
Norfolk Island: Bounty Day
Temotu Province: Province Day
Queen's Official Birthday: Australia, Belize, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea

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