Thursday, June 11, 2009

National Turkey Lovers Month!

June is National Turkey Lovers Month Hello to everyone. Today we're passing on the information about National Turkey Lovers Month. Yep I know.... you would think that November would be Turkey Lovers Month because of so many people eating turkey for Thanksgiving but it's not. The VDACS website says "June celebration emphasizes turkey’s year-round popularity. " It's all about getting people to eat more turkey. If you do a lot of blog surfing you've probably noticed a lot of turkey recipes being passed around in honor of Turkey Lovers Month. I have to admit, I love the taste of roasted turkey but I usually don't eat turkey except at Christmas and Thanksgiving. I have noticed a lot more turkey meat at the grocery store lately and quite a bit of ground turkey meat. I think in honor of Turkey Lovers Month I'm going to make an effort to buy some ground meat and put in in a couple of recipes. You know what they say right? That any recipe that calls for chicken can be substituted with turkey! :) I have tons of chicken recipes and none for turkey so I'm going to give it a try :) More Holidays around the world for June 11, 2009 Libya: Evacuation Day King Kamehameha I Day National Nursing Assistants Day

Germany: Back Festival begins at Leipzig (June 11-21). See

Superman Celebration begins at Metropolis, IL (June 11-14). See


Anonymous said...

This post makes me yearn for Thanksgiving! If you want to learn more about Turkey Lovers' Month and other Zany Holidays, follow the previous link.

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