Thursday, May 28, 2009

National Hamburger Day!

Oh my gosh it's May 28th and that means it's National Hamburger Day! Funny enough, me and the hubby were already planning on grilling burgers this afternoon and I completely forgot it was Hamburger day. I guess I picked the right day to grill burgers didn't I! giggle~ Well this photo says it all for me. I usually like lettuce on my burgers with french fries too, but today my frig doesn't have either one- so the burger is going without lettuce but it will taste just as good I think. I have to grill my burgers with barbecue sauce though. It's my favorite way to eat them. Gotta have em' charred and crispy on the edges too! Is your mouth watering yet? How do you like your burgers? It's May 28, and today the World is Celebrating:

Orthodox Ascension Day

Shavuot begins at sundown.

Azerbaijan: Day of the Republic

China: Dragon Boat Festival

Ethiopia: National Day

Korea: Tano Day

We are also celebrating: Whooping Crane Day (First Born in Captivity)

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Anonymous said...

Hamburgers, I love them all the way! Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, catchup, hot peppers. Meat has to be grilled.
Little John from Texas


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