Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pirate Party


"Ahoy, matey!" It's Pirate Party Time. Everyone loves the Golden Age of Piracy that's why everyone loves to host pirate parties. So in honor of pirate theme parties, pirate birthdays, Halloween & International Talk like a pirate day (celebrated on September 19)...Grrrr... we're about to "Party Like A Pirate!"

Hoist your colors.
Oskar's First Birthday - Pirate Ship Cake

Let's start with the table. Go with all natural wood for the rustic feel or go with a tablecloth. If you go with a tablecloth; the most common color are all black (since black is associated with pirates) or all blue which makes you think of sailing the ocean blue. Party stores have lot's of matching sets of napkins, paper plates and pirate banners.  Choose decorations like treasure chests, candles, pirate flags, chains, cannon balls. (all plastic props that can be found especially during Halloween) Add signs to each dish with pirate names to help your guests get in the spirit of pirates.

Avast!.... Ye needs ah bountiful table. 
Pirate food

Arrr... you must have a bounty of pirate food on the table. I'm not saying you have to have loads of food (although Pirates were known to pig out while on land) but go with foods that theme the look and flavors of a pirate. Choose theme cakes or cupcakes for dessert.

"Shiver me bones" a knife stabbing party table. 

On land pirates were meat eaters for sure. And for outdoor pirate parties it's common to see roasted pig. Yep, pig pickins are the choice for adult parties and platters of large leg bones (like turkey legs) are all the rage for narlyyy pirates to chew on. Pirate theme parties and children's birthday parties tend to leave out the pig carcass (Euh!) and stick to chicken wings and pulled pork sandwiches.

Arrr... Pirate Cakes
Treasure Chest cakeThe most popular cakes are treasure chest cakes that's surrounded with chocolate money, candy jewelry and chocolate sea shells. Pirate ship cakes can be decorated with malted milk balls (candy) that's just right for cannon balls.

Pirate Cupcakes
pirate cupcakesCupcakes are great for easy serving and can be made in a variety of ways. The most popular being skull-n-bones which are chocolate icing with the shape of a white skull piped on top. (see example) Pirate head cupcakes are easily made by using junior mints for the eye patch, fruit roll-ups for the bandannas and chocolate sprinkles are perfect for a scruffy pirate face. (see example) I call the style of cupcake to the right; a dead mans cupcake.

Pirate Pan Pizza
Pirate pizzaYou can't go wrong by serving a pirate face pizza especially at children's parties. Everyone love's pizza no matter the age so pirate that pizza up and serve it at your next pirate party. If it's a small group of people the personalized mini pizzas are perfect. If it's a large group of people; a large pizza works great too.

In Closing
Well I hope I rounded up a few ideas that will help on your next pirate party. Remember to mark your calendars(for International Talk like a pirate day . It's celebrated every year on September 19th and public pirate parties will be hosted everywhere too!


~~louise~~ said...

I wanted so badly to post for Talk Like a Pirate Day! I am so saving this link for next year.

And, I must run right over to Pattie's and tell her about this post. She has posted some amazing tablescapes on her blog and she is absolutely going to get such a kick out of this post!!!

Thanks for sharing, Pam...

Gone-ta-pott said...

I think I'll head over to your blog and see if I can find Pattie's blog. I love tablescapes.

Anonymous said...

We had a party for pirate day and I tried the pirate pizza. It looked great. I made 4 of them.

Anonymous said...

I tried to make a pirate ship cake but it didn't look good. So I put a sign on it. "A destroyed pirate ship"

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