Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Cream Filled Doughnut Day!

I love cream filled doughnuts!
Oh yesss! Give me deep fried doughnuts that are vanilla creamed filled. (I'll take chocolate too) In fact I can honestly say I eat them every chance I get... yes I admit it... I eat them once every week and today was no different. In fact I felt especially content to ride my bike to the doughnut shop down the road to celebrate National Cream Filled Doughnut Day. Yep I sure did. And in honor of this special day I ate 3! Ohhh yes I did! That's the downfall of living a bicycle ride from a doughnut shop. But at least the bike ride ate up a few calories. That's what I told myself when I bit into the 3rd one.  :)

Happy National Cream Filled Doughnut Day everyone!

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~~louise~~ said...

Oh goodness, gracious me, you didn't!!! This has been one heck of a week for my figure. I've been eating Amish donuts all week. (I wasn't sure which one was the most photogenic so I bought a bunch) And, I can not keep myself away from DQ, since milkshake day and to be perfectly honest, I don't even like Dairy Queen!!! And, I haven't rode a bike in years! Is there a diet day coming up soon?

Oh no, I just remembered tomorrow is Apple Dumpling Day. Those Amish ladies are going to love me!!!

Thanks for sharing, Pam.

P.S. Remind me to tell you about my new online newspaper venture. Almost as fun as Play doh! email me if you want the link acalenda [at] gmail


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