Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Does Autumn Mean To You

Autumn is here y'all and for me personally that means wonderful long walks in the leaves and trees so I can see what I can see. I can't pass it up. I can spends hours and hours just walking in the woods and listening to the dry leaves crunch under my feet, watching the squirrels at work in the trees and looking in amazement at all the orange, yellow and brown colors.

Building my yearly girl and boy scarecrows:
I love scarecrows and if I don't have time to make them myself you can bet I'll go out and buy them. A year doesn't go by that I don't have me a couple of Fall mascots to adorn my little cottage. I use to always just have a boy scarecrow but since it's became fashionable to have a girl... well I just go ahead a give the little guy a girlfriend. If you have to buy one your in luck because they are cheat to buy.

Always Pumpkins At My Place:
Fall just wouldn't be fall if I didn't have a couple of pumpkins around. Now that I think about it... I usually go through more than a couple of pumpkins during the fall season. I get a couple for decorating the door steps but we eat lots more of them! LOL! It's true- me and the hubby are crazy about baked squash and pumpkin and even pumpkin soup. He always cooks up a few pots of pumpkin soup for us with some crusty french bread. It's so good too. I usually bake a couple of pumpkin pies once the weather turns a bit nippy. I like to eat the pies with my coffee for breakfast on chillieee morning. I can't let the season go by with a pot of harvest stew either. It's stew made with chunks of pumpkin, root veggies and potatoes. Stick a few smoked sausage in it and your looking at a fall feast in a bowl for sure. LOL! Hummm.... maybe I should make a page with the recipe on it.

My decorating goes as far as pumpkins on my porch, a scarecrow or 2, a couple of bales of hay or straw that I put with my scarecrows, a few little orange twinkle lights around my front door and...... I can't leave out the seasonal wreath that hangs on my front door. I never buy the wreath. I mean what fun is that. I enjoy making a fall wreath for my door because I just love to glue things together. I get out the oh orange ribbon and yellow fake leaves and go to town. giggle~ I glue a few mixed varieties of nuts on and it's done. Nothing fancy just fallish. 

Fall also means Apples to me
Between pumpkins and apples you can't really get away from them can you. There everywhere! There everywhere because there in season. In fact apple season runs from September, October through November. You shouldn't have any problems finding them at the grocery store.

I know we blogged about National Apple Dumpling Day the other day but I love me some apple dumplings. For those that don't know what it is; it's a dessert; a apple wrapped up in dough and baked in the oven. The inside is full of sweet fall flavors of cinnamon and spice. I love it served hot with ice cream and during the fall it's traditional for me to eat lots-ah apple dumplings. It's not unusual for me to wrap up in my scarf and hat...... heat up my apple dumpling really hot...... and take myself outside and eat it under a tree while I watch the fall winds blow. Now That's "Living Like It's A Holiday" to me.

Hay Rides!
I've always had a fondness for them since I was a little kid. It's the simplest thing in the world but the glorious thing in the world too. I don't mind hay sticking to all my clothes and being stuck in my hair. That's part of the fun of a hayride. Every body will look the same. If you go on one for the first time just make sure to wear your bluejeans. ( How-to enjoy a hayride

Fall is my favorite time of year. Even the yard work makes me happy. I would love to hear if it's your favorite time of year too. Happy Fall Y'all, Pam

Photo: Licensed under RF-LL terms / AUTUMN LEAVES ON ROCK © Joy Fera |
P.S. I don't mean to do all this double spacing. Some like to double space but I don't care for it myself. The blogger is doing it automatically in the html stuff and I haven't figured out how to correct it yet.

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