Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ittie Bitie has been sad

In honor of all National Cat Holidays
we made a section just for cats!
We call this section of our blog "Catsville."

Ittie Bittie the cat has been sad 
for several weeks now because he finally ripped to pieces his favorite gray toy mouse. It's been so funny watching him drag the tail to the body and drop it... then drag the head of the mouse over to the tail and body and drop it. He just stands over them as if by magic they are going to put themselves back together again. He taps on the head and meows..... he taps on the tail and meows. Then he sadly walks away.
We have search high and low for weeks trying to find another gray furry mouse but with no success. We buy other mice for him but he turns his head away sadly as if his best friend left him forever.

Wellllll I'm happy to say that Ittie Bittie the cat is now happy happy happy because we finally found a gray furry mouse just like his old one and brought it home to him. He has been playing with it for hours and he is now tuckered out and sleeping. And yes you guessed it.... his favorite gray mouse is sleeping by his side. (or should we say... it's under him)

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