Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never leave cream sitting on the table.

Early this morning about 6:00 am -I was enjoying a relaxed morning at my computer checking emails and reading my favorite blogs. The hot coffee pot was brewing and the smell of the deep dark roast was filling the house full of that soothing morning coffee smell. The real cream and the coconut creamer neatly sitting beside the coffee pot waiting to be pored in the coffee. 

While I was waiting for the brewing to finish, I settled back into my computer and was well on my way at typing when all of a sudden I heard it. crashhhhh! bangggg! bam! crack! I ran to the kitchen and....... I should of known. I should of known not to leave the real cream sitting on the kitchen counter unattended especially when you have cats. 

Nothing attracts a cat more than milk does and you guessed it. While Batman the cat was trying to get to the cream he knocked off a canister above the sink and it fell right on the breakfast dishes that I had ready to serve up breakfast on. The canister was so heavy that it busted 2 of my sea shell design dishes that I loved so much. ^$^$#%#$%#*(& 

Ok I was mad for a brief moment.... But who could stay mad at such a sweet face. He ran right up his cat tree and lay his head down as to say... I'm sorry.

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