Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Flower Basket Day: January 4

Heads Up! January 4th is Flower Basket Day so those of you who have'nt shopped for your baskets yet; this is your reminder to get started now.  Once you get your basket you need to decide what type of flower your going to put in it. Then you decide who your giving it to.

Now let's talk about this holiday:
The way I understand it, the idea is to build a basket with a flower inside which is made from the heart. Sometimes other things are placed in the basket as well but the focus is on the flower and the basket itself.

When I placed a questionare about this holiday, my readers who celebrate it said they like to place other things inside the basket that related to the flower. For instance: If it's an african violet you could place a small tub of african violet food with it. If it's a houseplant you could place a hand shovel with it.

I read on the Internet that some people take a different approach and send a basket of flower shaped cookies. You could even add a flower shaped cookie cutter to the basket. Come to think of it... what a great housewarming gift this would make for those moving in a new home.

Personally.... I always gave my Mother a Christmas Cactus the first week of Christmas because they bloom in December and frankly she collected them. LOL! The house was always full of blooming cactus when I was growing up. Anyway, a Christmas cactus would be a fine basket gift too. There always an easy plant to take care of.

Now I'm not sure about the origin of this holiday at all. There's very little information to find at all. At first glance I figured a garden center or a flower shop must of started it to boost sales but I just couldn't find any background on the subject. I think what may of been a sales promotion could of turned out to be a homemade gift instead. My readers tell me this is when they like to divide their houseplants and basket up the babies to share. :)

One of my favorite ideas is to share herb plants. It seems to be popular to give a mixed basket of herbs. Now I think this is a fantastic idea. Especially since it's so hard to get nice herbs in the winter and a basket of herb plants may be all someone needs to have their own window seal herb garden. One can never have enough fresh herbs if you ask me.

Start a new December Tradition:
I think traditions are wonderful and giving a flower basket is a good way to gift a friend and put some Christmas cheer in someones home. I think the kids would have fun fixing baskets too. Have fun with this one ya'll. If you have any neat ideas please do share with our readers.

There's even Flower Basket Day Greeting you can send on January 4th too.

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