Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweetheart Palmiers / sweet treat from Campbells kitchen
I love it! I think anyone who is looking for red food for Valentine's Day or for a red theme party needs to look at this. It's a recipe I found on,, and websites. Just click the links to get the recipe.

Now Let's Talk About It:
This is so simple but look how beautiful it looks. At first glance you can tell it's made with puff pastry and it's been sprinkled with red sugar. You know sugar comes in several different colors so you could change it up to match which ever occasion your celebrating. 

Red sugar is fantastic for Christmas and Valentine's Day but I bet green sugar would be nice for St. Patrick's Day. I bet a plate of green would remind you of clover just like the red reminds you of hearts. 

Tablescape: Look how pretty it looks served on a white platter. The idea of all the dishes being white is a good move. The red tablecloth just sets off the red cookies too. In the picture they have a bowl of red sugar with a spoon in it. I think that's a fantastic idea as well. Your guests can use red sugar instead of white sugar to add to their hot cocoa or coffee. I bet the red sugar adds a pinkish tent to the cocoa. I just love it. I knew I had to pass this on because I know what a challenge it is to come up with red food ideas and this one is one to remember. Perfect tablescape idea if you ask me. What do you think?

Campbell's Kitchen: Sweetheart Palmiers - Both Pepperidge Farm & Campbell's say "This crisp and delicate cookie is made with puff pastry dough sprinkled with sugar and rolled into the shape of palm leaves. Serve them with coffee or tea, or with your favorite dessert sampling."

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