Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Is National Bird Feeding Month

photo by Scott Catron / license
This celebratory month was created to educate the public on the wild bird feeding and watching hobby. Because of National Bird-Feeding Month, February has become the month most recognized with wild bird feeding promotions and activities. The month is an ideal time for promoting and enjoying the bird feeding hobby, which is home-based and nature-oriented. To help celebrate and promote National Bird-Feeding Month, a Guide to Better Bird Feeding was created. It includes several educational pamphlets on the best practices of bird feeding.

Past Themes: Each year, a new theme for National Bird-Feeding Month is selected, and promoted by the National Bird-Feeding Society. The theme for 2011 was "Most Wanted - America's Top Ten Backyard Birds" and features ten species from the east and west that are among the most popular to attract.

Most Wanted - America's Top Ten Backyard Birds says "There are over 100 species of birds that visit bird feeders throughout the United States. For 2011, the National Bird-Feeding Society selected 10 species in two geographic regions to highlight. These 10 species are among the most colorful and widespread birds that use feeders, and will provide you with a wonderful, year-round, bird feeding experience. View America’s most wanted backyard birds." This list included the Top Ten Backyard Birds East of the Rocky Mountains and the Top Ten Backyard Birds of the Rocky Mountains and West.

In 2010, the theme was “Hatching Out – An Introduction to the Wild Bird Feeding Hobby.” The goal of this theme was to promote best bird feeding practices for beginners and individuals who have been in the bird feeding hobby for decades.

Happy National Bird Feeding Month Everyone!
For the rest of this week I'm going to try and post a few fun things related to this fun observance if I can. For tomorrow I'll post about the history of National Bird Feeding Month. But for today I think I'll get you started by posting a link to an article on my website on How to host a wild bird feeding party. This is such a fun thing to do. Hopefully we can talk more about it later in the month. Pam


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