Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Love Is In The Air

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It's a week before Valentines Day and Love is in the air. Are you already getting that loving feeling too?

Even though Valentine's Day is a week away; I'm already getting emails asking about heart shape foods. So this week I thought I would search the Internet and see if I could come up with some neat Valentine's Day recipes and ideas in the shape of a heart. Right off-the-bat I know there's going to be heart shape cakes sold EVERYWHERE. But I think something homemade is special too. It's always fun to serve the people we love something made out of our own kitchen.

Yesterday I was reading and found a comment about getting ready for Valentine's Day Flowers by cleaning your cloudy vases. I thought this would be a good recipe to pass on to everyone. It said to pour a little white vinegar and uncooked rice in the vase then swish it around. It said it would make the cloudiness disappear. I knew vinegar would do a good job of cleaning but what does the uncooked rice do? Maybe it acts like little scrubbers in areas we can't reach inside the vase.

You better get your Valentine decorations now because when I went shopping a lot of the stores have already sold out of the good stuff. You may have to dig into your Christmas box for needed red stuff. You know you need those red candles! Oh yes if there's one thing you can't do without on Valentines Day it's candles. I tried to find heart candles but had no luck. I usually like to bring out my heart shape pillows the week of Valentines and toss them on the couch and on the bed. It helps to remind my husband that Valentine's Day is on it's way too. LOL! You know a little casual hint never hurts.

Now if your planning a romantic meal at home you better start getting ready now. I noticed that I'm almost out of fire wood so I've made arrangement to get more wood so I have it by February 14th. I can't go without a fire in the fireplace on Valentines Day. Nooo Wayyy! You see I'm planning a little meal for me and the hubby. The great part is our kitchen table actually sits in front of the fireplace so even though I'm old, I'm still planning a romantic meal for us.

Get your shopping done for your sweetheart! Wow what beautiful fresh flowers in the shops right now. If I could I would have fresh flowers on my table everyday and that's the honest truth. I just love them. If I could I would have a box of chocolates on my table everyday too. ;)  Yep, I could surely handle that. Lol!

Well love is truly in the air. Everyone is buzzing around looking forward to their special Valentine's Day dates coming up, everyone's having fun doing their romantic shopping. And everyone is searching out new ideas for heart shape baking this week too. Happy Valentines To All! I hope you reach up and catch many hearts this week.  Pam

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