Sunday, January 28, 2018

Full Meal Southwest Corn Chip Dip

When it's cold and rainy outside I like to fix a pot of something hot and easy that I can munch on all throughout the day. Well this easy dump it in and simmer meal is just perfect for that.

I like to eat it with Corn Chips because they are a bit saltier than tortilla chips and have a bit more corn flavor too. So.... if you have those on hand try lightly browning them in the over then spoon over the thick dip on top. Eat till your hearts content. Yep that's how I like to eat them. Tips below.

It's No Fuss: Just brown your hamburger meat really small so it's easier to spoon in (sometimes I add a bit of ground spicy sausage). Drain the fat, drain the fat, drain the fat! did I say drain the fat? This is sooo important. Those chips will soap up every little bit if you don't and it will be yucky.

Now just dump it in: Yep that's all you have to do. Today I dumped in 1 can of southwest corn, 1 can of tomatoes and green chilis, 1 can pinto beans and a small block of velveeta cheese. Last but not least I added a fajita / taco season packet and simmered until all the moisture was gone.

It's perfect on the stove on low or in a crock-pot on low. You can dip and eat all day long on these Southwest flavors without getting tired of it. Now let me find my hot peppers and go snuggle in front of the tv and enjoy the best dip ever.

Remember this on Corn Chip Day / January 29

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