Saturday, November 12, 2011

The First Time I Ever Ate an Oatmeal Pie

About 20 years ago I moved to Georgia for a few years because of my husbands work. Well being new to the area we decided to drive around and see our surroundings.

One day we were driving the back roads and got lost. Really lost. No where near town. But believe it or not we drove up on a little horse pulled wagon in the middle of no where with a lady dressed in back and a little boy dressed in black pants and a white shirt with a brown flat top hat on. We could see they had a table set up beside the wagon that was full of pies and breads. I immediately shouted to my husband "stop the car!" He said.... Pammm what are you getting yourself into?? I told him... nothing, I've never talked to a Amish person before and I'm starving. So out of the car I jumped.

As soon as I walked up; the little boy (with almost white hair it was so blond) turned his head to the ground but would peep up smiling. The young woman stood proud but was keeping a watch on the manners of the boy it seemed. I couldn't help to check them over and I thought to myself.... so this is what Amish people look like. The young woman said hello to me but I was pondering in my head about the culture, the wagon, the clothes, when my husband nudged me. That's when I woke up to reality and looked at her in the face. She was beautiful! No make up on but she glowed. My husband took a step back as to say.... I don't trust my wife. He gave me that look of... don't embarrass me. LOL

The Pie I baked Last Night
After the hello she said "I baked oatmeal pies today." I for one had never ate an oatmeal pie and the smell was amazing. In fact I had never even seen one before either. She pointed to the pie and it was beautiful. The color was perfect. I was grinning from ear to ear because even though I was lost, I was in heaven. "Beautiful I said." Without being able to resist myself I asked... "Are you Amish?" She said with a smile- No, I'm Mennonite. Before I knew it I asked "Whats Mennonite people doing in this area?" As she was about to say something my husband cleared his throat as if to say - shut your mouth Pam. We both glanced at him and I guess out of respect for my husband, she properly placed her hands in front of herself and looked down. Needless to say she didn't answer.

I immediately dove into the pies and baked bread. We had a wonderful conversation about oatmeal pies. She had regular oatmeal pie, oatmeal pie with different nuts, oatmeal pie with walnuts too. I said I'll take 2 pies please. Then I noticed she had a pie tucked away under another pie that looked a bit browner than the others. I could tell even without looking at it that the crust was to dark. I said "may I see that pie tucked under the other one?" I noticed her little boy give a look up. She slowly pulled out the pie. It did look as if it baked to long. I asked what it was and she said it was a coconut pie cooked the same way as the oatmeal pie. "I'll take take that pie to please." I said. The little boy beside her looked straight up at her with a grin and gave a hidden tug on her dress.

Before it was over I had 3 pies, 2 fresh bread and 3 new pie recipes that she shared with me. I was so excited too. We broke the bread there and shared it. She had some butter in a cooler that held her and the boys lunch. She even offered butter to us to put on the bread. We didn't have any forks but me and the hubby broke off a bit of one of the pies and it was deeee-lishhh-ous! It was a wonderful day. She even told us how to find our way back to the main road. :)

Life is good :) Now here's the recipe she shared with me.
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