Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun with Butternut Squash Pear Bisque and Fish Crackers

Fun With Food! Yes! Last night I was surfing around pinterest looking for some food fun that would be perfect for a cold rainy night and I found this photo of Butternut Squash and Pear Bisque. Along with the recipe for both the bisque and the fish crackers.

Now I was thinking... this would be a fantastic idea for little girls learning to cook in the kitchen. I have 4 great nieces that would just love making this.

My family spends lots of time on the river so these cute little fish crackers would make a lot of familiar fish giggles for sure.

I think having kids involved... in the making of something like crackers for soup would be a fun way to get them to eat some healthy soup. I even like the idea of the soup/bisque in the coffee mugs too. I think this is the best idea yet for little hands being able to grip and hold. Ohhh and the fish cracker on the end of a cane pole! Just genius! When I invite the girls over I'm going to say... "Come on girls lets go fishing in the mud hole!"

 Not only would the kids learn to cook but they would have a wonderful food craft day too. I mean who could resist a day of cutting out crackers with fish cookie cutters? Then drawing the fish faces and fish scales on. :)

The idea of sharing this little project with the girls sounds like something right in the middle of my river bed too! Gosh even the boys would like this food project. I can just see the kids now. A day of soup making and cracker crunching sounds like a fine way to enjoy a cold rainy night to me.

Thank You Resources:
You can find the soup recipe at memoriesinthebaking.blogspot.com. You can find the recipe for cheese and walnut crackers at savoringtimeinthekitchen.blogspot.com

Hurray for "Food Fun!"
Remember this great idea for National Soup Month & National Soup Swap Month in January, National Bread Month in November, National Pear Month in December and fun outdoor teas. Fish crackers would be a fun food gifts too. Dads would love it! Fishermen would love it! And what a fun idea to take to someone sick in bed. These little fishies would surely bring a smile to their face.


~~louise~~ said...

Oh how cute, Pam! Thanks for "fishing" out these goodies. How I wish I had time to surf around anywhere!!! I will be sending this link to my daughter, however. Both my grandchildren are avid fisherkids:)

I haven't checked out the recipes yet, but I'm thinking Pear Bisque may just be the dish for National Pear Month in December!

susane said...

Your blog is beautiful, as beautiful ideas! Congratulations!

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