Monday, November 14, 2011

Food for a Pickle Appreciation Party

For those of you looking for a weird theme party, we have an idea for you. November 14 is Pickle Appreciation Day and today one of our readers asked the question.... "What food can I serve for a Pickle Appreciation Party?" Well get those green plates and napkins ready because we have a few ideas for you.

With you it's a treat
First of all we think you should serve dishes that relate to pickles. 
The first thing that comes to mind is pickle condiments. The most popular pickle condiment without a dough is pickle relish. What goes with pickle relish you ask? Well it's hot dogs! Yep our first choice would be hot dogs or sausage dogs along with several types of pickle relish guests can choose from.

Tartar Sauce: Tartar Sauce is another condiment that's made with pickles. If fish is for you, then fish sandwiches could be a second choice for a pickle appreciation party and don't hold back on the tartar sauce.

Every party serves cake! Yes every party serves cake and a pickle party wouldn't be complete without a pickle cake. Noooo don't put pickles in the cake mix. Just decorate your cake to look like a giant pickle. Cook a sheet cake and trim the edges to be round and long. Cover in vanilla icing with green food coloring and you have yourself a giant pickle.

Why not have a pickle buffet for taste testing? Yeah! Everyone loves to munch on pickles and having a dozen or so varieties of pickles could be really fun. Have them all, sweet, hot and sour! You could even have your guests judge the best pickles. The good.... the bad.... or the ugly.

Potato Salad: We can't forget about potato salad! Many many potato salad recipes use pickles in the recipe. Some call for sweet pickles and some call for dill pickles.

Speaking of potatoes! Don't forget that potato chips and parties go hand in hand. Having said that, did you know there's a dill flavored potato chip? Yep it sure is! That would go great with hot dogs. :)
If all else fails.... serve all green food.

I hope that get's your creative juices flowing. Now before you go, click on the cute dancing pickles at the top. You'll see it's actually a greeting card for Pickle Appreciation Day. Send it to your friends and invite them to your pickle party. May your Pickle Appreciation Party be a success.  - Pam
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Maybe our readers could join in the fun and post a few pickle dishes too. :)
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