Wednesday, December 07, 2011

National Brownie Day

Heads Up! National Brownie Day is December 8th so get ready. That means brownie lovers will be baking brownies on this day. Will you be doing it too?

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Food Facts:
A chocolate brownie is a flat, baked square or bar introduced in the United States at the end of the nineteenth century and popularized in both the U.S. and Canada during the first half of the twentieth century.

The brownie...
is sliced from a type of dense, rich chocolate cake, which is, in texture, like a cross between a cake and a cookie.

Brownies come in a variety...
of forms. They are either fudgy or cakey, depending on their density, and they may include nuts, frosting, whipped cream, chocolate chips, or other ingredients. A variation that is made with brown sugar and no chocolate is called a blondie.

Brownies are common lunchbox fare, typically eaten by hand, and often accompanied by milk or coffee. They are sometimes served warm with ice cream (a la mode), topped with whipped cream, or sprinkled with powdered sugar, especially in restaurants.

Did you know Brownies are called "Chocolate Bar Cookies" too? Yep! They usually have a dry and somewhat crispy top layer with a soft and sometimes gooey body. You mostly find chocolate chips and nuts added to the main recipe, depending upon taste.

There are several recipes for brownies available in this wikibook:
Check back-We will be posting other brownie recipes in honor of this holiday. :)

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Gone-ta-pott said...

My favorite brownie is a blondie. My husband would rather have the deep dark chocolate brownie. Now I like it with nuts and he likes it without. If we start craving brownies I have to bake 2 different batches. One for him and one for me. To make it perfect we need one tub of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and a movie. Happy Brownie Day! Pam


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