Monday, December 05, 2011

Pancake Cookie Cutters

It's Day 5 and this is the 5th post in celebration for National Cookie Cutter Week.

I ate a lot of pancakes when I was a kid and my Mother enjoyed drawing pictures with the pancake batter but never did she make pancakes with cookie cutters. Yes she made me many kitty cats and bunnies and when Daddy did the cooking he made snakes and frogs. LOL! Go figure -

Serve a fun breakfast to the kids
There's not a kid anywhere who wouldn't want to have a cookie cutter pancake breakfast. For Christmas you could make holiday pancakes like the picture to the left shows. For Valentines Day you could make heart pancakes. To celebrate a good report card you could make A+ pancakes. For that football player in your family you could make football pancakes.

Lunch Box
I think any kid would enjoy the different shapes that are available for eating and the best part is the ideas go on and on. If breakfast is not for you; you could always surprise the kids with a fun treat in their lunch box. Don't forget to pack the maple syrup for dipping.

Now let's talk about Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed? Yes! Even adults like to be pampered with cookie cutter pancakes. giggle~ Add a few sausage links and you better half will be happy for the rest of the day.

Finger Food
Mini cookie cutter pancakes are perfect for parties too. Yep! Add a plate of shapes that go with the theme of your party and provide a bowl of dip to dip them in. It could be syrups or a thinned down cream cheese dip. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar and you have a sweet party treat.


Mother of 5 said...

I fry the kids eggs this way every Sunday morning.

Dianna said...

Now that's some fun ideas for my family. Are you sleeping at all? Your posts this week have been knockout! Where do you get your ideas for posting?

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