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National Cookie Cutter Week

National Cookie Cutter Week is celebrated the first week in December. This holiday is for honoring and enjoying the fun use of cookie cutters all week long. There's nothing as fun as decorating a cookie! Let today be the day you buy a new cookie cutter and enjoy using it by baking homemade cookies just in time for all those food gifts for Christmas. 

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Let's face it. Homemade cookies are everywhere during the holiday season and everyone tries to come up with the latest & greatest looking cookie right! It's that way at my house too. I love to bake & decorate cookies and I usually always have a bowl full sitting on my table all throughout December.  In fact you'll see more cookies at my house then you'll see Christmas cakes or pies.  And.... I have to tell you -I've even made my own cookie cutters too!  How's that for being crafty? lol- 

I know I know, I have to much time on my hands but I didn't have any children to run around after so I had a bit more play time than most. Anyway, I had a hard time finding cookie cutter letters for a project I was doing so I just made my own. Well you can make your own too! In honor of National Cookie Cutter week I'll be posting some neat cookie ideas that I know you'll love. To start out with I've found a great link that shows you how to make your own cookie cutters. This is how I made mine too. See bottom of post for link-

Let this week be the week you sit down with your kids or grand kids and have some cookie decorating fun. Memories last a lifetime so make some cookie memories for your family. Let today be the day you sit down with a tall cold glass of milk or hot coffee, a large plate of fresh cookies, and have no guilt at eating them all up.

Origin of this Holiday?
"National Cookie Cutter Week was started in the mid 1990's by Paula Mullins from KY.  It was started for the members of the Cookie Cutter Collector's Club.  Paula registered it and designed a cutter for it each year.  Lyn Linder took it over around 2007 when Mullins decided she no longer wanted to do it."  Lyn Linder emailed us and said "Check out the National Cookie Cutter Collector Club's Musuem in the Joplin, MO Musuem Complex.  It, as well as the rest of the musuem is a pleasant surprise...great experience...thanks ,lyn"

What is a Cookie Cutter?
A cookie cutter is a tool to cut out cookie dough in a particular shape.

Types & Variations
  • Cutouts: Usually made out of Copper, Tin, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Plastic. Cut outs are the most simplist of cookie cutters and only "cut out" the shape in the dough.
  • Detail Imprint: Commonly Made out of Copper & Tin or Plastic. Detail Imprints not only cut out the dough they also leave an imprint in the dough that will last through baking.
  • Cookie Molds: Usually made out of wood or ceramic or plastic. Springerle molds are the most ancient of examples (can be traced back to the 14th century) and perhaps the beginning of cookie & cracker shaping.
  • Cookie press: Automated or hand operated press used to make large batches of cookies quickly
Here Ya go! Snip, Snip, Snip. Click on this link and it will take you to an instruction page on how to make your very own cookie cutters. It starts out talking about Halloween cookie cutters but don't let that through you. Homemade cookie cutters are for all seasons that's for sure.

If you can't find the cookie shape your looking for at the cookie cutter store then don't fret. Make your own! It's fun!

Happy National Cookie Cutter Week ya'll! 
May your week be filled with wonderful cookies. Pam
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